Minggu, 16 Juni 2013

Happy anniversary my love, Eldad Baltaszar

Happy Anniversary my love, Eldad Baltaszar
Please be more care and love me.
And don't ever try to leave me.
Keep being the most kindest and lovely guy I've ever met.
May our love would last forever because I want to have a birght future with you,
then we can make a new happy ending story and would be much better than the disney have.

I love you so much.

Senin, 30 Mei 2011

Dear Diary, 
I Don't know what on my mind, I don't even know what in my heart. Everything looks so dark. On my mind and my heart are different. They aren't compared each other and refused each other, I think A and in my heart feel B so brume. With you everything are so incredible. I don't know why I love you. Everytime I miss you.

I've felt hurt so bad, even it make me doubt you. I don't wanna it repeat to second time. I'm just fear for this. I just make my self to don't expect a lot to you, because it very hurts! Pain sometime, but I still love you so damn... You with your words made me so confused enough. Please boy, assure me everytime cause the doubt cam come anytime :') and look at my heart so deep, there is love for you.

Do you know what is love? Its a symbol of affection till now I feel I'm in love. He judge me its not pure cause I was doubt to him. Even he doesn't know how is feel pain if just unrequited. I love you so much but I'm too afraid. Make me believe, how ever it can be shaking anytime. Faith - Love is everything. My love my everything. Cause love just want to see hapiness. I'll do anything to make my love happy.

Selasa, 24 Mei 2011

Dear Dairy, 
I meet him today. I saw him passing by my way. I didn't know what to do. I used to smile and greet him but I felt so awkward so I looked the other way. Then, they leave me. My heart is crying. I don't know what must I do. To the point, He'll never like a girl like me.
I don't want a boyfriend that looks like a model, looks arent everything. I don't want a boyfriend that takes life to seriously, I have a sense of humor, therefor I am a goof troop. I don't want a boyfriend who feels the need to go out and party every weekend, I like staying home watching movies and playing video games. I don't want a boyfriend that tells me im sexy, I want a boyfriend that tells me im beautiful. I don't want a boyfriend that'll pressure me into having sex, I want a boyfriend that'll ask me if im sure I want to do it or not. I don't want a perfect relationship, because those obviously don't exist. I just want somebody I can be myself with, somebody i can be nothing with. Nothing? Yes, nothing. I've heard it lasts forever.

Selasa, 12 April 2011


See this? This breaks my heart. People really need to give him a break, especially the paps. They need to understand he’s just a normal boy, yeah he’s the hottest pop singer out there right now, but they need to give him space and personal time with his family. HIS DAD IS OUT THERE WITH HIM FOR GOSH SAKES, LET JUSTIN BIEBER SPEND TIME WITH HIS DAD WITHOUT PAPS ALL UP THEIR ASSES. Leave the boy alone for once, yeah he’s famous, but he does need time alone, personal space, without screaming fans and paps, he wants time alone with his family, so let him have time alone with family. 

It breaks my heart because he’s upset. He’s upset that the paps are always in his face, he knows he’s famous and theres going to be paps everywhere he goes, but they do need to give him a break, I don’t like seeing Justin upset, whether it’s the paps that are annoying jhim, or his girlfriend breaking up with him or haters, or fans turning on him, I don’t like him upset/mad/angry..whatever. It hurts me, a belieber, and it hurts thousands of his other beliebers to see tweets like this because we want him to be happy, thats all we want, a smile..the real smile, the sweet lovey tweets, not depressing tweets. We love Justin dearly, and we hate when he has a frown, when Justin smiles, we smile. We want the best for him, we want his heart to be happy,And us true beliebers know when Justin is upset, we deeply know when something is wrong with our boy and it breaks us. 

So Justin, we love you, we understand the paps need to give you a break, we understand you want time alone with your family, and I hope they left you alone, you deserve a break, you worked SOOOO hard for us, and we understand. We love you. We care about you, so smile baby, it looks amazing on you, don’t frown, why? because…


p.s paparzzai, leave the boy and his family alone, k bye. 

loveyou bieeebberr.

Jumat, 01 April 2011

Pertama kali tau Justin Bieber.

Halo beliebers, gue pingin cerita awal mula gue tau "the boy and the most important person who changed my life" yeaa it's JUSTIN BIEBER!

Nah jadi ceritanya gini, gue punya temen di facebook namanya Leigha Eady. Gue kenal sama Leigha dari temen SD gue Muhammad Wenvy Agam sebut saja agam yang pindah ke London, Ontario ikut bersama keluarganya disana *enak bener ye zz--" terus temen gue si Agam pacaran sama si Leigha dan gue pun ngeadd pesbuknya sekitar bulan Agustus, 2009 lalu gue dan Leigha berkenalan. Pas gue lagi liat koleksi album fotonya Leigha eh ada album foto yg judulnya "Justin Bieber <3" dan Leigha sendiri juga pake poto profil Justin Bieber. akhirnya gue tanya deh tuh ke orangnya "Who the boy in your profpic?" eh tiba2 si agam langsung jebejebean coment gini "he's not a girl!" eh leigha langsung ketawa tuh kata dia "he is a teenage pop star (:" terus gue liat lagi albumnya "Justin Bieber <3" dengan seksama dan dalem hati pun gue berkata gini "eh kayak cewe banget sumpah hahahaha" *parah bgt ya gue._. saking penasarannya gue sama Leigha kenapa bisa segini Fanatic sama Justin Bieber gue iseng cari video clipnya di youtube. dannn jengjeng....

Gue pertama kali ngeliat videoklip Justin Bieber it's called "One Time" i already got a BIEBER FEVER! Sumpah ya di video clip itu tuh Justinnya cute bangetttttttttttttttttt *O*
dan dari situ pula juga gue bikin sebuah account bernama Twitter karna di page facebooknya dia sering ngepost twitter dia gituu makanya gue ikut-ikutan hehe. Semenjak gue punya twitter, gue tau news tentang dia dan semakin hari gue semakin jatuh cinta sama tuh orang :')

but i wish, someday i have a chance to meet Justin Bieber :'( NEVER SAY NEVER!

Justin Drew Bieber, I love you with all my heart and soul

The only thing I can say to you is thank you, thank you and more thank you! There’s no word to describe what you mean to me.


Kamis, 31 Maret 2011


 You do realize if he’s following you on twitter right now and you unfollow him, it automatically unfollows you too so it will take you forever for him to follow you back, great thinkin’ guys.